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We are supporting WeSeeHope - A Charity for vulnerable children across Africa

We came across a wonderful charity WeSeeHope and spoke to a member of the team there, Jess, to learn more about their vision and goals with the charity. They are soon hosting an event alongside Hope Classic Rally and auctioning prizes away to members to raise funds for the children across Southern and Eastern Africa.

We have donated a years worth of vehicle storage at our facility with a value of over £3,000 for free, where members can bid on the auction where all funds go to charity.

You can bid on the live auction HERE

Vulnerable children in Africa - charity WeSeeHope

“I have learnt to be happy and not underestimate myself. Now I know I have the potential to do anything.”

George lives in a rural village in central Malawi. Since he joined our Child Headed Households Programme in 2020, he has developed several successful businesses that have helped him to build his own home.

Here is a little more history and information on the charity we are supporting - WeSeeHope:

WeSeeHope was founded in 2000 by husband and wife, Phil and Wendy Wall.

At the time, Southern and Eastern Africa was the most affected region in the world by HIV and AIDS, and millions of children were being orphaned and made vulnerable as a result.

It was during a visit to South Africa in 1997 that Phil met a little girl called Zodwa, who had been abandoned by her mother. Having failed in their attempt to adopt her, but deeply moved and inspired by their experience, Phil and Wendy decided to take a unique approach to try and help other children like Zodwa. This was their catalyst for change.

They invested their personal savings and created an extraordinary fundraising challenge; they gave people £10 and encouraged them to turn it into £100, using only their talents, passions and networks to do so. Phil and Wendy’s 1010 Challenge raised over £2 million and led to the formation of WeSeeHope.

Today, we are proud to have raised £25 million in support of vulnerable children in Southern and Eastern Africa, and to have hit some amazing milestones along the way. In 2022, Phil and Wendy were both awarded MBEs for their services to our work with vulnerable children in Southern and Eastern Africa.

“I like leading properly, so that I can brighten my future.”

Melody is the leader of her Kids’ Clubs in Kangoro, Kenya. She is using skills she has learnt to further her education so she can realise her dream of becoming a doctor or a dancer.

You can get involved by donating here - a £30.00 donation could provide a parent or guardian with three years of training in business, financial and community banking skills, helping them to transform their family's future.

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