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TyreDox Tyre Cushions
  • TyreDox Tyre Cushions

    Lusso are proud to be working with the markets leading tyre cushion company. 


    TyreDox are an innovative british made brand, with tyre cushions made from recycled rubber to create a section for each of your vehicles tyres to sit whilst not in use. 


    We have researched areas requiring attention with vehicles in storage and one of the most overlooked areas with vehicles in storage are the only 4 areas that touch the floor and hold the entire vehicles weight! Imagine all that weight, sat in the same spot for months on end. At the end of the day your tyres are just rubber with air inside, so overtime if not moved the tyres mis-shape and ovalise, meaning when you take your car out for a drive you will notice wheel wobble due to the tyres now having a flat spot. Older vintage vehicles are known for the tyres to crack whilst in this wrong shape, effecting the value and provenance of the vehicle if it needs new tyres as most collectors like a low mileage vehicle to have original tyres.


    TyreDox tyre cushions literally do just that, they cushions the vehicles tyres and distribute pressure across a wider surface area whilst in storage, erasing the worry of flat spotting, mis shaping the tyre and cracking any side walls.


    TyreDox are a partner of Lusso Concierge, you will see their partner board on our car storage facility walls. We are now able to offer these sets (of 4 tyre cushions) for sale. We can ship direct to you or have them delivered to our storage facility if your vehicle is with us, or if you would prefer to collect directly from us. 


    Speak to a member of our team if you have any questions.


    TyreDox is designed for a wide variety of vehicles and can accommodate wheels up to 22 in diameter, up to 350 mm wide.

    - Uniquely manufactured in the UK using 93% crumb rubber from recycled tyres
    - Long, graduated ramp for easy access with integrated anti-slip surface grid
    - Concave centre rest maximises load spread and removes need for handbrake*
    - Raised stop provides ‘positive locator feel’ when vehicle is correctly positioned
    - Convenient handles for carrying and storage when not in use

    Weight: 7kg per TyreDox - 28kg for set of 4
    Size: length 620mm long, width 355mm, max height 75mm


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