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Our new Tyre Saver partner!

When it comes to Luxury Car Storage, we looked into the best way to preserve tyres whilst our clients vehicles are in our new state of the art storage facility here in Yorkshire. We spoke with TyreDox and learned more about their product, clearly finding out they are the best on the market in the world for this solution.

Tyre cushions are a fantastic car storage product, that when used correctly can increase the life of vehicle tyres and erase the need for future financial outlay.


Created by 2 self-proclaimed petrol heads, Sam Ellis, and Ben Ashton, the TyreDox concept was developed whilst working as Aston Martin specialists at one of the country’s leading dealerships.

“We saw that customers were regularly replacing expensive tyres, despite little use and often with really modest mileage,” said Sam Ellis, who at 24, is the youngest ever Concours Judge for The Aston Martins Owners Club.

With less than optimum vehicle storage and a lack of regular movement, tyres can misshapen, with the potential of ovalisation, flat spots, and a perishing of their structure leading to early replacement.

With performance and specialist tyres now upwards of £250 a piece, and specialists often preferring to replace in pairs, it can get very expensive very quickly!

In addition to the potential for tyre damage, leaving the handbrake on during long term storage can potentially risk fusing the brake pads to the discs, clearly far from ideal.

‘Having researched the existing solutions, we were surprised to learn that they were sometimes expensive, often poorly designed and occasionally just plain ineffective,” says Sam, “so we decided a fresh approach was needed”.

Made in the UK from 93% recycled crumb rubber, TyreDox