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Timepiece Protection Kit
  • Timepiece Protection Kit

    We designed our timepiece protection kits for various Rolex model watches. A gloss and transparent paint protection film layer individually pre-cut for each section of the model specific timepiece. Install yourself at home following our simple 4 step instructions. All you need in addition is a glass of water!


    These are popular as watches without any protection or "stickers" will easily scratch simply by resting on a desk or catching it against anything. Some gold models will scratch even by clothing rubbing against precious metals. 


    Our kits have been designed to be placed on high impact areas of the watch to avoid the need for polishing and rounding off what should be sharp edges. Especially precious metal gold pieces, these watches cannot be over polished as the sharp edges become rounded easily and potential buyers notice this which will devalue your watch. 


    The idea with these kits is to place them on the timepiece to enable you to wear the watch daily without the worry of scratching the materials. When you come to sell or at the end of a year, remove the kit and the material of your watch will be perfect. Either purchase another kit to refresh it or if you were to sell the watch, it will be in the condition your watch was when you first applied it. 


    The kits come with two price points; 

    - Oyster bracelets £85.00

    - Jubilee bracelets £60.00


    With the oyster bracelet kits, simply select your model watch and the kit is pre-cut for each section on your watch. The entire oyster bracelet and all the links, the clasp, the side areas on the casing (face) and the rear movement cover. Our kit cannot be applied and there will not be pieces for your crystal glass, cyclops lense, bezel, bracelet polished small sides on the links and the crown. These are high wear pieces on the watch anyway so less likely to scratch like the bracelet, clasp and side of the case. 


    With our Jubilee kits like to Datejust Jubilee or GMT Master Pepsi Jubilee, these kits come with everything like the kit above minus the bracelet. Our film cannot adhere to a jubilee bracelet as too small and difficult to install, it will fail. 


    When your timepiece protection kit arrives it will include:

    - tweezers to remove the pre-cut pieces and place these on your timepiece

    - alcohol wipe to pre-clean your watch (dont clean your crystal glass face as you are not protecting this and it may affect the factory coating that is applied)

    - velvet cloth for drying smears and removing dust after alcohol wipe

    - Instruction sheet

    - small page of pre-cut pieces for your watch

    - outside box with all contents inside


    You will need a glass of water when you come to install. Simply begin by cleaning the timepiece thoroughly, if it is dirty and has grease or dead skin cells on the interior of the bracelet then we recommend cleaning like normal in a sink and water. Then it is important to use the supplied alcohol wipe on the areas you are protecting. Do this step entirely so you know every area of the watch you are protecting has been alcohol wiped. We then recommend using the velvet cloth to remove any smears during the alcohol stage as you dont want to apply protection over a smear. 


    Then comes the fiddly part where you need a quite space and allow at least 1 hour to install a full kit. No distractions and get your stall set up. We recommend placing a microfibre cloth on a table as your workspace to avoid scratching whilst installing. Target on the pre-cut paper sheet which area you are going to start with, we recommend the circular piece which is the rear casing movement part (not the face crystal glass). Peel this off and dip into your glass of water so the adhesive on the piece you have peeled off is wet. Be sure to always remember which side is the top of the piece you are holding and which is the sticky side (as when it is wet both sides look the same). 


    Now you are holding your desired piece with your tweezers and it is wet from the water. Don't worry about rushing as you can always re-dip in your water and have as many attempts as you like. Place this piece adhesive side down on the circle on the back of the watch. Line it up and remove the tweezers from the piece. Remember as you picked the piece up with the tweezers dry, your tweezers will be stuck on the piece, so once the piece is on the area of the watch remove the tweezers so its not stuck and then re-try with the tweezers to assist you lining it up. If it is too dry and sticking too easy where you cannot position it easily, simply pick the piece up with your tweezers and dip into the water and try this step again. Very important to remember which side is the face and which side is the adhesive side! Try again and position as best you can. Once you place down with lots of water, the water should naturally escape from underneath. You can now either push down to confirm its stuck or leave to dry naturally. If it visually looks good but a bit spotty and different in its visual appearance, if you leave it 10-15 minutes the water will evaporate as the film is breathable and it will look lots better. The most important part is making sure its lined up perfectly. 


    Now you have the hang of that, try a more fiddly piece on the bracelet for example or if you are installing on a jubilee watch, try a larger piece on the clasp. It is important to always remember which side you are holding is the sticky side, and remember that if you havent positioned it as well as you would like then simply peel off, re-dip in water and try again. 


    Once you have placed all the pieces on the watch and they are all lined up nicely, all pieces will be quite blotchy/spotty and not look optically clear. This is normal so we recommend leaving for 1 hour to dry naturally and do its thing. When you come back to it after 1 hour, use your velvet cloth to carefully push edges down as the glue will now be sticky and not wet. Be careful not to catch any edges with your velvet cloth and get hairs or fibres under edges preventing the glue from adhering properly. 


    Any problems, please get in touch!


    Unfortunately we only sell kits as complete kit and cannot send replacement parts out. 


    Each kit is sent with Free Shipping and will be posted via Royal Mail 2nd Class Signed For. 

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