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We visited The Motorist Hub with Collecting Cars!


The Motorist Hub in Leeds always draws in a nice crowd and pretty much guarantees some interesting metal lurking here and there.

Once a year, Collecting Cars host an event at The Motorist and brings in a crowd of almost 1,000 cars. You have to register and the mix of cars is always unbelievable. We thought we would take you along with us and post images of our favourites from the day.

We took our BMW M2 demo vehicle and sported our new flag!

Parked opposite we noticed our partner of Lusso - ADM Car Buying Ltd - who took his rare Renault Clio RS200 Silverstone GP Edition. Being only 1 of 50 cars, its great to see the condition. This will soon be visiting our other partner Reep Yorkshire for some detailing work before its stored for the summer!

Whilst on the Renault theme, we're suckers for a rare Renault. We spotted a lovely Megan Trophy R which would be the perfect Ring Tool for our trip later this year!

Then walking to 'the main event' we spotted a Renault 5 GT Turbo tucked away in the corner!

Something that caught our eye instantly once we arrived into the main area was this unbelievable Porsche 997.2 GT3RS, completely original, low mileage and perfect. A poster car! We then bumped into our friend Tom Blackmore who is the owner of Divine Automotive local to us, where this vehicle is available for sale. Tom is someone we have known for years and has helped us source specific vehicles for our clients over the years. He has also had his clients vehicles protected with PPF by our partners Reep Yorkshire. Team work makes the dream work!

A pit stop was then needed after seeing that, so coffee time it was! A flat white in a nice Collecting Cars coffee cup!

Back to the action!

Up there with our favourites from the day was this stunning Audi B5 RS4 Avant. We got chatting to the owner, Gary, who mentioned he sold his classic Vauxhall Nova GSi to fund the arrival of this RS4. A tough decision we have to make but shows the true enthusiasts and makes this hobby all the more exciting!

To show the variety of vehicles on display, parked opposite the B5 RS4 we were drooling over, was this super cool Land Cruiser! We then wished we were in Dubai where these are hugely popular there...

A few more nice Porsche's...

We spotted a classic Lancia and couldn't believe how small it was compared to modern vehicles nowadays!

Talking of modern vehicles, arriving late and in style was @wam.barn from Instagram. He arrived in his BMW M2 CS formerly owned by Chris Harris from Top Gear and Collecting Cars, next to his Porsche 918 Spyder vinyl wrapped orange with the numberplate '918 XX'. Very nice!

Then heading out of the event as the heavens opened, we spotted a lovely E46 M3, R36 Passatt Japanese Import, a Lusso coloured RS3 saloon and a Subaru Impreza P1!

Overall we had a great morning out, catching up with old friends, current friends, clients, partners and had fun looking at the great display of vehicles on the day.

Looking forward to attending more events, spreading awareness of Lusso Concierge to promote our brand new car storage facility in Leeds!

Contact a member of our team if you require further details regarding our car storage packages, or if you wish to source or sell a timepiece/vehicle.

T: 01423 860022

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