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Our day out with a Supercar Club!

Last weekend we were invited to SC:UK - Sports and Supercar Club to celebrate their Northern opening meet at Melbourne Raceway in York.

We arrived in the morning in our BMW M2 Demo Car shared with our Car Care Partner, Reep Yorkshire. Myles the owner of Lusso Concierge also owns Reep, hence the 12EEP numberplate!

As we arrived, we were greeted with well over 100 cars lined up perfectly on the drag strip for a group photo.

After the photos and drone videos were taken, we then moved to all park up and grab a bite to eat. After a good 15 minutes of walking around all the cars parked up, we thought what better opportunity to photograph our Girard Perregaux Ferrari Chronograph which is for sale on our store, next to this stunning Ferrari 458!

You can view more and/or purchase this timepiece below

The day was then ended with all members having some drag strip runs... we can't wait to see more rolling shots and video footage of our BMW M2!

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