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Storage Options

We pride ourselves on discreet and secure vehicle storage. Our facility is humidity controlled, on an electric gated private estate with insurance approved CCTV and monitored alarm systems installed. 

Rest assured your vehicle will be in a safe place, surrounded by beautiful cars during its stay. 

We offer packages that suit short term storage from 4 weeks minimum, or popular 3 month packages to get you through the winter.


Our starter package is our Essential Storage Package at £25 per week. We can also accommodate motorbike, quad bike, motorhome and trailer storage from as little as £25 per week in our alternate facility. Speak to a member of our team for further details. 

We do not advertise our private location and do not have signage on the building. We are based 10 minutes from Leeds City Centre, near Selby.

Essential Storage
(our taster package)

12 Weeks Minimum
  • 24/7 Access with 48hr notice

  • Securely stored with CCTV & Alarm Monitoring

  • Insurance included on vehicles up to £100,000

  • Detailed appraisal inspection on entrance

  • Optional initial check in clean £50

  • Help with project management of MOT, servicing, repairs, modifications etc

  • £25 per week for minimum term of 12 weeks, then able to cancel at anytime thereafter

  • Option to pay weekly via the "Book Storage Page", or contact us where we will issue an invoice for 12 weeks up front (£300) and then invoiced monthly after 3 months, able to cancel at anytime.




Car Storage
3 Months Minimum
  • Battery Care (Ctek trickle charger included)

  • 24/7 Access with 48hr notice

  • Securely stored with CCTV & Alarm Monitoring

  • Initial check in clean and appraisal £50

£50 per week



3 Months Minimum
  • All of Bronze plus...

  • Initial check in clean free of charge

  • Indoor Car Cover supplied for duration

  • Vehicle turned on once a month and warmed to running temperature

  • Vehicle rolled 10 feet once a month to move the tyres

£60 per week



1 Month Minimum
  • All of Silver plus...

  • Flexible Storage duration, from 1 month minimum and no maximum time required

  • TyreDox tyre care included for duration to cushion the tyres, preventing flat spots occurring

  • Professional photoshoot taken of vehicle with an option to purchase prints

£70 per week


1 Month Minimum
  • Battery Care (Ctek trickle charger included)

  • 24/7 Access with 48hr notice

  • Securely stored with CCTV & Alarm Monitoring

  • Initial check in clean and appraisal £50

  • Motorbike or Quadbikes

£25 per week



1 Month Minimum
  • 24/7 Access with 48hr notice

  • Securely stored with CCTV & Alarm Monitoring

  • Initial check in clean and appraisal £50

  • Price based on external storage, price doubles if interior storage required.

£30 per week



Car Storage in Yorkshire near Leeds. Aston Martin classic car v8 coupe. covered transportation
mclaren 765lt safe snow foam wash detailing before entering car storage in leeds, yorkshire. supercar and classic car storage
Car Storage in Yorkshire near Leeds
Car Storage in Yorkshire near Leeds
Car Storage in Yorkshire near Leeds. Mustang classic car storage
Car Storage in Yorkshire near Leeds tyredox tyre cushions
Car Storage in Yorkshire near Leeds ctek battery charger

1 / Car Arrival

Your vehicle arrives either by our enclosed transportation service or driven by you. Upon arrival your car is now within our secure facility, where it will receive a thorough inspection before being checked into our storage facility. If you are dropping your vehicle in person, take advantage of our newly built waiting area and chat with our team to learn more about what we do and the process. It is the ultimate car man cave!

2 / Entering Our Facility

Unlike some of our competitors, our wash and inspection facility is carried out onsite by our car care partners Reep Yorkshire, reducing any chances of contamination or risk moving the vehicle off-site. If required and for a small fee, the vehicle is cleaned and prepped for storage.


Ensuring that the vitals such as the drivers seat, steering wheel and floor are covered before the car is moved.


Under the careful eye of our specialists the car is then moved into the inspection bay where it can drip and air dry. 

3 / Pre Storage Bay Inspection

Our thorough pre-storage inspection ensures your car is stored correctly. 
We check everything from the general condition, tyre treads and pressure, fluids and battery health.

This is documented on a high end vehicle inspection software, where we photograph and document every inch on your vehicle.

4 / Inspection Results

Along with our Storage Agreement for your peace of mind, we then communicate the results of the inspection with you and provide you with a quote for any work to be carried out on-site, if anything is just not quite right.

It is the perfect time to have any niggles sorted which you just haven't had the time to sort. Let our Concierge service take over and project manage everything for you.

5 / Air Dry

To acclimatise the car to its new surroundings, we allow a 24hr air dry in a controlled environment to avoid putting it straight into its storage bay with a car cover on when there is still moisture from washing underneath, trying to dry out. 

6 / Brake Cycle

Allowing the brakes to cycle before storage removes any contamination or surface rust that may have appeared during the air-drying process, after washing. This also gives the engine chance to run at operating temperature one final time before storage.

7 / Placing Into Nominated Bay

Our car storage facility is 5,000 SQ FT which means it is a pretty spacious place to be. Our fully dehumidified facility creates the perfect environment for the vehicle to be stored. Now in its dedicated bay, the car is stored with the driver window slightly ajar to keep the air flowing and the hand brake is set to off.

8 / Protecting Whilst Sleeping

Our soft, breathable indoor car covers keep the car safely tucked in. We use the best in the market CTEK battery conditioners which keep a trickle of power to the car at all times. An oil drip tray is added, just in case there are any accidents. Our Gold Package vehicles receive a set of TyreDox tyre cushions for the duration of the stay to prevent flat spotting.

9 / Regular Checks

Our car storage facility is regularly checked by walk arounds, checking each vehicles battery condition whilst in our care. Our facility has insurance approved monitored 24/7 security including a police response alarm and CCTV. 

10 / Attention

Putting your car into storage doesn't mean it's left right up until the covers are taken off. We regularly check your vehicle whilst in our care and aim to every 60 days start the engine so it reaches optimal running temperature, as well as rolling the car 10ft to rotate the tyres. This ensures when the time comes you want to make an appointment to take your vehicle out for a spin, swap with another car or collect at the end of your desired duration, your car is ready to go at the turn of a key. Our team is ready and waiting and enable this to be the case at any time you like, 24/7 with 48hrs notice.

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We believe on making your vehicles stay with Lusso as special as possible. We have methodically studied certain aspects of ageing on vehicles which are stored for long periods incorrectly. 


TyreDox and Reep have partnered to offer the ultimate tyre blankets for vehicles stored with us, to prevent flat spotting and cracking on tyres.


These are included with our Gold package or available as an upgrade with other packages if you wish.